7 comments on “On the topic of religion in Vietnam: So you really think we are atheists?

  1. I, totally agree with you and recall the very similar family make-up. Base-lined the US criteria (where I grow up), majority of Vietnamese are religious with overwhelming portion of the country is spiritual.

  2. Interesting that you didn’t say anything about your personal beliefs with respect to religion. Though this is the first article I’ve read of yours, so you might have addressed it elsewhere.

    • Thanks for the comment, but I thought I did? “Vietnamese people are superstitious, we believe in whatever told and we need no explanation for that.” – I am exactly one of the “we” ;-) I believe in God, in gods, in Buddhas, in life after death, in human spirits, in basically all the super natural power. Does this answer your question?

  3. I was born in a strict Catholic family, so they didn’t have any altar for indigenous spirits. I went to Sunday Church school, and subsequently won all the award there. Nevertheless, since I was 5~6, I know full well that I will never believe in all that crap. I “prayed” at pagodas and shrine for good test score. But scientifically speaking, it’s a form of self-soothing and calming myself down. I still studied like hell for my grades. In this day and age, it’s great if a country is more atheist than not. We would be considered more liberal and openminded, just look at the Slavic/Nordic countries. High atheist and their government is great(at least in comparison to our in VN now). Believ is the weirdest thing. If someone kill their child and said it was God-willing, we’d call them nuts and lock them up. But if you look in the Christian Bible, it’s perfectly fine, even great! Since it shows your devotion to god. If a man tell us he flew to outer space on a winged horse, he’s high as a kite. But in the Islamic Quoran, Muhammad did just that. Boil it down. It doesn’t really matter in what you believe in, as long as you can function. But nevertheless, if the only thing that is keeping you from being a bad person is the expectation in the so called afterlife reward, then you’re just a shitty piece of fuck of a human altogether.

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