6 comments on “Visiting Cambodia

  1. wow, you gave a lot of practical information for travelling here, very cool. I was wondering how you felt about being charge extra for being a tourist? I heard about through Western tourist who somehow felt unwelcome when it happen to them. I probably wouldn’t mind donating to the local economy a little bit especially when you’re visiting a much poorer country but 2.5 times might be a bit steep?

    • Well, it’s ok. I was stupid though. The tuk tuk ride should have cost $2.5 but he charged me $6. Only after agreeing to the price I knew that I was being dumb but that’s fine, he was quite nice though (apart from that overcharge).

      I think the situation in South East Asia is still less “steep” than what tourists will have to face in India. Here, the street sellers can sometimes quote tourists’ price 5 times as much as local price. Once, my friend managed to buy a small souvenir at 50 rupee when the first price was 250 rupee. But the seller was unlucky, he didn’t know she had been studying in Delhi for 3 years and even understood Hindi haha.

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  3. Hi Mein,

    My name is Sharon and I am the outreach intern for Pink Pangea. I am writing today because I enjoyed reading your blog and would love to publish more of your adventures on our women’s travel site, Pink Pangea. If you’re interested please email me at pinkpangeaeditor@gmail.com.

    Thanks! Sharon

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