13 comments on “Malaysia Tourism Bloggers Conference and Lessons Learnt for a Vietnamese Participant

    • Oh yeah, that’s cool. Bravo! Results are different from google.my and google.com.vn. Didnt see your blog on the front page in KL, and in Vietnam that nomadic guy is even ranked number 2?! Oops

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  2. Dear ss Mien,
    I have just started blogging as I am inspired by Mekong ICT Camp in Thailand (actually I write before but not blog). I intend to write blog in English, about traveling and lifestyle in general. Then I accidentally come across your blog and totally agree with you about how we bloggers can help Vietnam’s tourism, and about adding photographs to make it simple.
    Just wanna say thank you for sharing your experience. I wish I could attend such an amazing event like that ;)

    • Hi em, nice blog you have! Keep on blogging and you’ll have a chance to join such blog fest someday soon :-). One suggestion (or two..) please add an “about” page and let people know how to contact you. And go twitter too? ;-) And are you based in Hanoi, HCMC or elsewhere?

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  4. I know that Malaysia is a very great destination for enjoy a travel trip. I read this blog, and also got tot know much more about it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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