27 comments on “Climb up to the top of Indochina: Mount Fansipan in Vietnam

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  2. Doc bai viet cua may ma thay boi hoi boi hoi qua’. Ngay xua di leo Fan ve tao cung muon viet 1 bai co ma chang co luc nao ngoi viet dc ca y’ :((

  3. Awesome! Too bad this was the same weekend as BarCamp Saigon. So did it take you from sunrise to sunset to reach the top? And when you say rock climbing, how steep? Did you need safety ropes to climb?

    Working as a porter on that route sounds like it could be fun too. :)

    • It took us 2 days actually. But you can totally do it from sunrise to sunset to reach the top and back if you are strong enough :-P. Very steep. But you dont need safety ropes for this route, only need to use all legs and feet and arms and hands. The porter guy said that there was another route that was much more dangerous and you would need all the safety equipment to do it. But nah, not for me, I’ll never come back there, once is enough! Lol

      • So 2 days to get from bottom to top, then another 2 days to climb down? Or just a day to go down? No, I’m not trying to set any world speed records here. ;)

        I do like rock climbing though.

  4. My old buddy, I plan to visit Hanoi at the end of January ’13, r u still at Hanoi that time??? I need to kind tour guide to take me experiencing the Hanoi contemporary art scene ^o^

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  6. That’s must have been quite a hike!! The farthest that I’ve done is 13 km round trip with going up to only 1200 meters so I can feel a little bit of your pain. That said, carrying photography equipment on a hike is really a pain, the cameras are heavy and you can’t drop them :)

    • Thanks for the comment and the like, Hoan. Oh yeah, this Fansipan is exactly the place where you don’t want to have a photo shooting assignment lol. By the way, I just added your blog to my blog roll :-)

  7. Hi there,

    I want to ask, I’m planning to go to mt. Fansipan but I kind of short of time. I’m planning to do a one day climb but I’m not sure wether can achieved or not. I’m planning to go to Sapa by train overnight from Hanoi. I looked through internet that for one day climb u have to reached summit at 1.00pm. The train will be arriving at sapa around 5.00am plus. Then I have to take a bus to go to the town right. Will I make it for a day climbed?

    Thank you

    • Yeah, train arrives in Lao Cai around 5am then you take a bus to Sapa (30km away). Yeah, one day climb is totally possible. But probably you should do it on the next day (start the trek from 5am). Also, make sure that you are aware of the tough route. Good luck ;-)

  8. Hi, thanks for the information about Mt. Fansipan. I’m from the Philippines and planning to climb the mountain in November. I have just booked a flight to Hanoi and I wish if you could provide me about the guide in climbing Mt. Fansipan. If you no longer have contact information of your guide you might have some information where I can reach them. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Ronnie, I’m really not sure, coz the guides were arranged for my group by the tour operator.. But I think they are reachable in Sa Pa if you don’t want to book the tour. I do recommend a tour tho, just so you can take a hot shower after the climb

  9. Hi, I am interested to do a solo hike. How much does it cost?
    Also it seem like I have to cramp with 30+ people in that camp at 2800m. Can I put up a tent outside of it to sleep in my own tent?

    • Hey Chris, probably you can either contact the tour agency, or arrange by yourself by looking for a local H’mong guide. I’m not really sure how much it costs though, you’ve gotta ask them. I think there should be no problem with your own tent.

  10. I am also planning to do a solo trek up Fansipan during the week of CNY this year. Hoping the tour agency and guides will be opened for business during this period.

  11. We found an independent guide in Sapa who guided us to the top of Fansipan. He offers one, two or three day climb, is very nice and tries hard to make his clients satisfied. We opted for one day but it seems that people mostly prefer two day climb. His prices were cheaper then going through an agency.
    There is a newly build structure at the camp two where the clients sleep and it was quite clean.

    If anyone is looking for a reliable guide, we highly recommend him, here is is contact.
    phone: 0168 7863 711

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